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Jessie Ugolin is the founder of the agency Jiseg IT, expert in the development of SaaS solutions, ERP, CRM and custom digital projects. He brings to companies in the Ile-de-France region and all over the country his expertise in the design of digital tools, websites, mobile applications as well as in the realization of complex IT projects and information systems.

This experienced freelance digital project manager will listen carefully to your needs and provide you with the appropriate solution.

Rigor, professionalism, customization of solutions, these are the values defended by Jessie Ugolin and the agency Jiseg IT.

When to call on Jiseg IT’s expertise

Creation of a website or an e-commerce store, development of a mobile application, development of a SaaS platform, skills management, CRM, ERP, for all these needs, Jessie Ugolin and the team of Jiseg IT will guide you to the technological choice best suited to your expectations and your goals.

Her training and experience as a web developer, IS project manager and design and development engineer allow Jessie Ugolin to intervene in the specific development Symfony or VueJS, mobile development iOS, Android, PWA as well as in the deployment and installation of CMS WordPress, Prestashop, Woocommerce or Shopify.

It is a global expertise and perfectly targeted project management advice that Jessie Ugolin offers you with kindness, professionalism and reliability. The speed of execution, the quality of services and the respect of deadlines are the main drivers of the action of Jiseg IT.

What are the values that characterize Jiseg IT?

A go-getter above all and naturally curious, the creator of Jiseg IT remains constantly alert to the latest technological developments and new methods and languages to always offer his customers the best solution.


Customization of solutions

remains at the heart of the concerns of your project manager who knows how to adapt the resources to the specific needs of his clients in terms of architecture, design, functionality or rich content.



Because computer language can seem very abstract, Jessie Ugolin strives to explain the technical characteristics of the solution created with kindness. An exchange based on trust and a solid training of the users which allows to perpetuate the solution and the customer relationship.




Whatever the needs expressed by her clients, Jessie Ugolin always makes sure to take into account the problems and technical constraints presented in order to provide reliable and concrete answers as quickly as possible. Jessie Ugolin is always attentive to its customers’ needs, privileging a long-term relationship in order to anticipate their needs and make the solutions evolve.

Why choose to work with Jiseg IT?

Choosing the business expertise of a freelance professional means above all benefiting from a constructive exchange with a single contact person with whom to build a relationship of trust.

Each project is the result of a rigorous reflection on the company’s stakes so that the proposed solution is in correlation with the objectives.

Collaborating with Jessie Ugolin and taking advantage of the resources of Jiseg IT, is the guarantee of a customized service oriented towards customer satisfaction and carried out in compliance with the requirements and prerogatives set out.



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