A software in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode is a hosting and software distribution service that allows users to access applications through the internet. But how much is it really worth for a company?

First and foremost, SaaS software is generally more affordable than traditional software, as it requires a lower acquisition cost. Indeed, users do not need to buy the software and run it on their own servers, they pay a subscription for its use.

Secondly, SaaS software is generally more flexible and scalable. Updates and new features are automatically available to users, without the need to manually install them. Users can also access the applications from any device connected to the internet, allowing for better collaboration and greater mobility.

Additionally, SaaS software is generally more secure. SaaS software providers are responsible for the security of data and applications, allowing companies to focus on their own business.

Finally, SaaS software is generally easier to use. Users do not need technical knowledge to install or configure the software, they can simply sign up and start using the application.

In conclusion, SaaS software is generally more affordable, flexible, scalable, secure and easier to use than traditional software. They can therefore be an interesting solution for companies looking to reduce costs, improve collaboration and mobility, and increase the security of their data.