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What is an IS Project Manager?

The IS, for Information System, brings together a set of material and digital means as well as human resources whose objective is the collection, storage, processing and distribution of information within an organization.

How to run your IT project ?

In an information system project management, it is the IT project manager who is in charge of planning, implementing and executing the tasks inherent in the project.

Team management, resource allocation, software and hardware integration, adaptation of technological solutions, data security or even supervision of upgrades, the Digital Consultant or Digital Project Manager is in charge of the entire IT operation.

By calling on Jiseg IT for the deployment of web solutions management training, you benefit from advanced skills in information technology and great responsiveness in solving problems to successfully complete the information technology project management.

What are the stages of an IT project?

Any project management must reconcile the various objectives of the organization to meet performance challenges.

The solution development, skills management or the deployment of SaaS solutions in an IT project has different phases:

  • Analysis, which must allow the project manager AMOA/MOA to precisely define the needs, usage specifics and constraints to choose the best technical solution to implement.
  • The development that allows to integrate the concepts of the specification as well as a quality programming with tests execution.
  • The validation by the principal of the information system.
  • The deployment of the IT response with corrective maintenance operations.

Why hire a digital project manager?

Entrusting the realization of your information system to a freelance project manager allows you to have expert skills in the coordination of the various actors and in the piloting of the project digital.

Feasibility study, analysis of user constraints, design of specifications, writing of functional specifications, coordination of resources, respect of schedule and performance analysis, by outsourcing the realization of your IT project to a Web project manager, you benefit from a recognized expertise as well as from the hindsight that is essential for the success of your IT project.

How to find an expert IS project manager in Symfony?

Jiseg IT, its specific knowledge and various project management performed since its creation, opens new opportunities for you thanks to its expertise in the use of the Symfony Framework.

Thanks to this development platform and the use of various proven methods such as the Kanban methodology or the Agile methodology, we are able to optimize your productivity and make your applications evolve through structured and standardized achievements.

Are you looking for an IS project manager with expertise in Symfony? Jiseg IT offers to accompany you to help you express your needs and bring your IT project to life.

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